If your child has been learning guitar before and would like to resume lessons we would just need to know at what stage they had reached previously, then place them with an appropriate group for their level.

No, there would be no need to join a beginners group again, unless they felt they needed to refresh what they may have covered before.

As the Guitar Clubs are run in small groups it brings down the cost for each child making the lessons more affordable. The lessons are £9.00 per lesson (paid termly). 

Each terms fees are paid for on the first week of each term.

If your child has decided that they no longer wish to continue with the lessons then it would need to be confirmed that they were withdrawing at least a week before the beginning of the approaching term so that those on the waiting list could be informed. If your child wishes to stop lessons mid-term we would be unable to reimburse any fees outstanding unless we have been given a month’s notice.

There are between 10 and 12 guitar lessons each term which allows for some flexibility during the school year. So, in the event of a school trip or inset day the lesson can be made up later in the term.

If your child is unable to attend one of the lessons through illness, then the lesson is considered void as long as the tutor is present to teach the others in the group.

If your child misses a number of consecutive lessons then please contact us and we can discuss reimbursement or alternative options.

All the tutors have the enhanced DBS check.

If at some point into their guitar lessons your child would like to pursue grades then if the other children in their group are also keen then we can go ahead. If the others in the group do not wish to pursue grades then please contact us and we will discuss how your child can study towards a grade.

Most local independent music shops should be able to provide a suitable guitar for you. Alternatively, we can provide a good quality, reasonably priced ¾ size guitar with gig bag/ plectrums.

A ¾ size classical nylon stringed guitar is ideal for children from year 2 up to year 6. If you already have a guitar and are uncertain whether it is appropriate please contact us. If it’s easier you can order the guitar through the website ( once your child’s place has been confirmed) and the tutor will bring the guitar along for the first lesson.

Yes, you can. You would need to fill in the form that comes with the letter that is sent out when your child has confirmed their place. The tutor will bring the new guitar along for your child’s first lesson.