First the children learn the basic rules – how to look after their guitars.

We tell them about the behaviour we need from them. We tell them that if they want to talk they put their hand up and that they are not to play or talk when the teacher is talking.

  • The tutor will tune the guitars, whilst teaching the children the different parts of the guitar.
  • We show them how to hold the guitar.
  • Explain how to remember the names and numbers of the strings.
  • We explain how to make a clear sound on the guitar by using the very tip of the finger.

The children then try this, sometimes resulting in some grimacing because it hurts a little to begin with. We then explain that it gets easier the more you practice.

  • We give out tuition books and a James Bond hand out.
  • We explain what chords are and how to read chord grids.
  • We play a basic strumming pattern using the ‘Easy C’ and ‘Easy G7’ chords.
  • Explain what tablature is and start learning the James Bond theme.

We explain that it is better to practice a little everyday than it is to practice for a longer time once a week. We explain how the practice charts work and that practice is rewarded with shiny stars and a certificate at the end of term!

  • Tell them their homework is to have fun with what they have learnt!
  • Ask what they have learned today and did they have fun? Ask if there are any questions. Tell them we look forward to seeing them next week

What will my child learn ?

Guitar Clubs use tuition books that have ten lessons in each to cover each term.

There are 6 books currently. The books cover:

  • Repertoire (songs)
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Sight reading and tablature
  • Technical exercises

We try teach a variety of different styles and genres of music ( Blues, Classical, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, World, Celtic)

All teachers will take a different approach and play to their own strengths so their specific plans will vary a little within the Guitar Clubs curriculum. Also, tutors will be handing out additional materials and if the group is working towards an end of term guitar assembly then the books are not necessarily stuck to rigidly, but are there as a foundation to work from.

How does my child start /stop guitar lessons?

  • Starting:

    If you would like your child to start guitar lessons please call (01903) 893898 or fill out the contact form on the website and we can let you know asap if there are available spaces.

  • Stopping:

    If your child wants to stop having lessons, or you want them to stop at any time for any reason, just let us know before the beginning of term .A letter will be sent out towards the end of each term with details of start dates for the following term. Unless we hear otherwise we will assume your child is continuing on from the previous term.